A young Nigerian lady cries uncontrollably as she speaks with Justin Bieber for the 1st time via Instagram Live (Video)

One young Nigerian lady who is an undergraduate of UNILAG has cried uncontrollably after she spoke with multi award winning Canadian singer, Justin Bieber for the first time on live video.

The 26-year-old famous Canadian singer was Live on Friday,20th November, 2020, and made it known that he would be speaking with a few lucky fans from across the world.

In spite of thousands of fans that might have put Justin on call at the moment, Rosemary happened to be the lucky one as the singer hooked up to her call.

Short of words and surprised, Rosemary broke down in tears, an emotional moment as Justin kept waiting for her to get hold of herself.

Justin quizzed her why she was so emotional and when she finally spoke, she disclosed that she was his biggest fan and everybody in her high school knew she is obsessed with the Canadian musician.

Rosemary also revealed that she is a student of Political Science at University of Lagos, UNILAG.

She then took to her Instagram page @Ros.emaryyyy and announced to her family and well wishers how happy she was speaking with legendary singer, Justin Bieber. “This is my best day of 2020”, she wrote on her Instagram story.

Checkout the emotional video below;

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