“I Wear Hijab To Cover All Of My Body But I’ll Fight For The Right Of Nudists” – Nigerian Activist, Aisha Yesufu

Popular Nigerian Activist, Aisha Yesufu says that she will continue to fight for the rights of nudists.

As per her, she doesn’t subscribe to opening or going naked, she wears the hijab to cover her whole body but then the rights of those who chose not to wear any clothes has to be respected.

In her words...

”I wear the hijab and cover all of my body. I do not subscribe to opening my body. Those who decide to be nudist have a right to not wearing any clothes at all and I will fight for their right to not wear any clothes at all. It is their choice just as it is my choice to be covered.”

Well, her post has evoked mixed reactions from social media users who blasted her for supporting indecency. Meanwhile, others sided with her statement about respecting the rights of nudists.

Checkout some reactions below;

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